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Google Biased Search Results

EU Targets Google Biased Search Results

The European Union is cracking down on Google for its biased search results. Because of this, Alphabet has to make changes to the search engine by March 7th. This article outlines how things are done now and how it will change. But, will it make things better or more complicated? 

What? Google has “Biased” Search Results?

How SEO algorithms work is the programming of these search engines favor sites that meet certain criteria. Therefore, it makes sense that Google would prioritize its sites and services. 


The announcement was made via blogpost on Jan 17, 2024. Now, Google says that the formerly biased search results would treat other comparison sites equally. 

This means that in Europe, the results page might look something like this… 

Additionally, the megacorp must allow business users access to data they generate on the platform. That would allow these users to adjust their SEO strategies and even overtake Google in ranking. 

However, that is not the end to it. Google has to make other adjustments that affect the average European… 

Europeans Will Have Options Other than Google on Android

On top of fewer biased search results, EU Android users will not be required to use Google services on their devices. 

The European Union enforcing the DMA on Alphabet seems like an overall win. Still, representatives of the tech company said there may be downsides… 

“While we support many of the DMA’s ambitions around consumer choice and interoperability, the new rules involve difficult trade-offs, and we’re concerned that some of these rules will reduce the choices available to people and businesses in Europe.”

This is just another example of how the law and technology need to work together to navigate the modern landscape. 

We will have to wait and see whether these actions are successful abroad and set the precedent for the future. 

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