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Sales Calls

Do THIS Before Sales Calls

Doing sales calls can seem like a huge challenge, especially since you’re not directly face-to-face with your buyer. I can guarantee that any good salesperson can land whatever they’re selling…

If they know what their customer needs. 

In reality, finding that out is much easier than you think

Before The Sales Call

Statistically speaking, when your customers are in the market for what you’re selling, they are already 57% through the buying process…

Before you even talk to them. 

Basically, this just means that they’ve done their research on your brand and company and they’re interested in what you’re pushing. 

All you have to do is close the deal. But that always seems like the hardest part. 


If your customers are researching you and your product…

You should be doing the same to them. 

Before you make ANY sales calls, you need to do the Pre-Call Investigation on your client. 

The Pre-Call Investigation essentially gives you more background on your buyers, who they are, and why they need your product…

All so you can close that sale once and for all

Pre-Call Investigation

Before you make your sales calls, you need to create a profile for your customer. 

If you can find out the following about your client, you’ll be equipped for anything that happens during the call:

  • Create a list of problems that your customer will pay to solve. What solutions do your company and product bring to the table?
  • Search for media coverage of the prospect. Do they have any awards or events coming up? Give them something to brag about to build your connection and understanding of the client. 
  • Check out the prospect’s website. The more information you can find out about your client, the better you can pitch yourself to them.
  • Search the lead’s social media. Find stuff that you can bring up in conversation that will get them excited and in a good headspace. 

All of these points are to help you create a connection with the buyer during your sales calls. But you can’t just use this information in a random way. 

You need to learn to understand…

And to remember. 

That way, you can bring this up naturally, and close your sale. 

As long as you can build a strategy around what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it…

Then there is no reason for you not to close and reap the rewards. 

Be Great, 

Grant Cardone 

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