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Self Doubt

Eliminate Self-Doubt ONCE AND FOR ALL

The biggest obstacle you will have to confront throughout your life is self-doubt. Doubt in any form has the potential to undo any and all of your hard work, but it’s even worse when it comes from yourself

Trust me… self-doubt has certainly been the biggest problem in my life. 

Self-Doubt Is The Thief Of Success

Self-doubt can come from anywhere, but there’s one thing for certain…

Doubt is the dream killer.

So many people are filled with doubt that it stops them from becoming obsessed with their success. They’re so focused on the “what-ifs” that they stop focusing on their own goals.

The reality is that any uncertainty is mental terrorism. It has the potential to damage:

  • People 
  • Organizations
  • Marriages
  • Dreams and Aspirations

Self-doubt can be an issue for anyone. In the 90’s, I remember there was so much holding me back from achieving success earlier in life.

I was going to groups and coaches where all we would discuss was the problems holding us back. One day, when I was heading into a meeting I realized that every man in the group was focused on the past. 

Not a single one of them was focused on their potential. 


The thing is, you can’t solve problems with more problems…

You have to solve problems with success. 

Starve The Doubt

Listen… if you’re a searcher, your self-doubt is always going to be looking for what’s wrong with you. 

But that’s only because you know you’re not living the life you want to be living. 

Basically, If you want to get past your self-doubt and fulfill your potential, you can’t be listening to the voice in your head telling you that you can’t do it…

And you certainly can’t be listening to the haters telling you that your ambitions are actually something that’s wrong with you. 

To get where you really want to be in life, you need to be listening to the people who are leagues above you. 

When you start listening to and watching the people more successful than you…

That creates the foundation for your own goals and direction. 


You have to put yourself in the right rooms with people who can teach you how to expand. 

Moving Forward

Stop looking at where you’ve been and stop listening to the self-doubt. Sell everyone on your future, not your past. 

Ultimately, there are thousands of nay-sayers and haters out there.

If you’re obsessed with your growth, you can’t afford to be one of them.

Be Great,
Grant Cardone

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