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Social Training

Social Training You MUST Break To Succeed

Anytime you want to get started on a new project or initiative, there’s always going to be people telling you that you don’t have what it takes. The haters are easy enough to deal with, but actually, social trainings are telling you more harmful things than any real person.

What Is Social Training?

Your social trainings are the things that you have been taught by your parents, teachers, and friends that are made to keep you small. These trainings stop you from reaching your fullest potential.

Everyone has been taught stuff that holds them back. I know I’ve had to overcome plenty of beliefs to get where I am today.

It was hard, but when I let go of these ideas, I was able to get out of a scarcity mindset and expand in every aspect of my life.

Here are some of the most common examples of social training that I find stop people from achieving their goals. 

“It Takes Money To Make Money”

This social training tells you that to create the wealth you want, you need to already be wealthy.

This lie is essentially saying that people can NOT have what they want…

Unless they already have it? 

To me, this sounds like a load of bull.

In reality, 80% of the world’s millionaires are actually self-made. These guys did not come from wealth…

They made it themselves. 

This fact ALONE proves that you don’t actually “need money to make money.” This saying is just stopping you from thinking outside the box.

“Successful, Wealthy People Aren’t Happy”

This social training usually starts at home. 

Parents say this to their kids all the time, “money isn’t everything,” and “rich people are never happy.”

They bring it up any chance they get. 

Say what you will, but money creates a foundation for you to build the life you want.

And I’d always rather be wealthy, successful, and have the ability to create something with my wealth than the alternative. 

“Underpromise And Overdeliver”

I think this has got to be the dumbest social training I have ever heard. 

I can hear it now…

“If you underpromise what you or your product can do, you will never disappoint.”

How stupid is that? 

How about instead, you create a product that solves all of your clients’ problems and SURPASSES their expectations. 


Not to mention, when marketing your services or product, why would you ever want to underpromise? 

All that does is keep your base small when you should be the thing that everybody wants. 

“Balance Life And Work”

This is probably the hardest social training to spot. 

This piece of “advice” gets thrown around so often that people are failing to recognize what its actually trying to say. 

I’m here to make one thing absolutely clear…

Despite your feelings, you need to work for the life you want. 

If your idea of work-life balance is stopping you from creating the life you deserve…

Then something is definitely wrong. 

People keep using the lie of the work-life balance to get out of the dirty work that you need to do NOW to enjoy great things later. 


When you use your “work-life balance” as an excuse to not do any work at all…

Then you need to get your life together. 

There’s no chance you’ll actually build your wealth or live the life you dream of having. 

Finding The Social Training Holding You Back

If you have heard any of these phrases throughout your life…

Congratulations! These social trainings are probably holding you back. 

To overcome these trainings, you have to ask yourself if you have let any of these beliefs stop you from thinking big or achieving your goals. 

The moment that you recognize that you have internalized one of these phrases, you can start to move on and fulfill your potential. 

After all,

The best investment you could ever make is not with money and not with any fancy-schmancy people on Wall Street…

It’s within yourself.

Be Great, 

Grant Cardone

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