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Ways To Reward Yourself

Ways To Reward Yourself – And Keep Going Strong

When you’re working towards a new goal for yourself, having rewards can be amazing motivators. But so many people get the concept of rewards all wrong. When finding ways to reward yourself, you have to make sure the rewards are actually helping you, not slowing you down. 

How To Create Ways To Reward Yourself

Here’s what people don’t understand about rewards…

You cannot treat yourself for just “doing your job.” Guess what? 

Doing your job is the bare minimum. 

You want to have rewards that help you work for something bigger and better than “just your job.” 


For rewards to work, you need to be working hard for your accomplishments…

That’s what makes it so rewarding in the first place. 

You need to have something that you are working for and striving for day in and day out. 

More than that, you can’t have someone decide the reward for you. You have to be the one finding ways to treat yourself.

Not only does this help give you something you really want, but it disciplines you to only give yourself that reward when you’ve earned it. 

The best rewards always come when you ACTUALLY achieve something…

Not from doing the bare minimum. 

Find Things That Help You Succeed. 

To really EARN your rewards, you have to find ways to live up to your potential.

But here’s the thing…


No one knows your potential or what you can do. And since you know what you’re capable of, you know what you deserve. 

Don’t cheat yourself with cheap, frequent rewards that do nothing to encourage your long-term success. 

When finding ways to reward yourself, it should always be something that excites you. It could be:

  • A nice vacation and time off
  • A bigger bonus to take home
  • A fancy watch you’ve been eyeing

Whatever it is, it needs to remind you that while you’re working to achieve your goals, you’re also working towards the reward. 

Building the life you want is never going to be easy. You’re going to have to struggle for the things you want most. 

After all, you’re always going to want to pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow…

So why not sweeten the deal when you accomplish everything? 
Be Great,
Grant Cardone

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