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Just Say Yes

How to Get a Client to Just Say ‘Yes’

Even the best closers get to the point where they want the customer to just say “yes.” Although it’s hard to believe, a simple switch in how you word things can score your sales faster. Check out how to reword your pitch and make more money in less time… 

Use the Present Tense = More Likely to Just Say Yes

I have said before that tricks fail in sales. And while that is completely true, there is a fact you can use to your advantage…


For that reason, an easy way to get buyers to just say yes faster is by using the present tense. Additionally, you want to refer to the product as theirs already. 

In sales, this is often referred to as assumptive language, and I bet you’ve heard this tactic used before… 

“Your new car has X feature.” 

“Your iPhone is under a 60-day warranty.” 

Do you get the picture? 

To some of you, it may sound cheesy but it works nonetheless. That being said, there is a second half of this strategy that makes it even more powerful… 

People Will “Just Say Yes” To Showcase Their Strengths

Despite what mass media presents, people want to be the best version of themselves. Therefore, allowing someone to present those qualities is a strong push for clients to just say yes. 

For example, let’s say your product is bookkeeping software. The buyer in front of you runs a construction company. And, he is dragging his feet in the negotiations. 

In that situation, I would highlight how the software would allow him to focus on what he does best… 

Run his construction business. Ultimately, that is what this client likes to do — not crunch numbers. 

By now, you can see the logic behind this basic — but effective — method. Practice it and use it on the sales floor. You won’t regret it. 

After all, you are a closer. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone 

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