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Amazon Prime Lawsuit

Higher Streaming Prices Lead To Amazon Prime Lawsuit

All the streaming services that we have come to rely on keep charging more for basic plans. But recently, consumers decided enough is enough. Amazon is facing a lawsuit for charging Prime users to go ad-free. Now, a federal court must decide if this additional fee is illegal or just unfair… 

Prime Users Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore 

As we covered last month, subscribers started seeing ads on Amazon Prime Video starting January 29th…


Nevertheless, it appears that the tech and entertainment brand has finally gone too far. 

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Amazon Prime subscribers filed a lawsuit for the upcharge on February 9th. 

The suit was filed in a California federal court and claims that the extra fee is:

  1. Misleading.
  2. A breach of contract.
  3. Violates consumer protection laws in California and Washington. 

In short, those who signed up for the service were under the impression that no advertisement was included. 

Most can agree that the extra charges to skip commercials are unpleasant, but what will a court case change?

What Subscribers Hope to Accomplish with Amazon Prime Lawsuit

The class-action lawsuit against Amazon about the Prime charges is seeking $5 million. However, that is the minimum amount required for a legal action of this kind. 

Besides the money, this group of consumers seems to want real change. 

Namely, they want the judge to enact a court order barring Amazon from further deceptive conduct. I.e. the massive conglomerate couldn’t start charging more for what we already bought. 

If the lawsuit against Amazon favors Prime users, it would set an interesting precedent for the rest of the streaming giants. 

We’ll be watching for the results, so stay tuned… 

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