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What’s Going to Happen to EMPTY Office Buildings?

Despite the workforce steadily returning to post-pandemic levels, many office buildings still need to be occupied across the U.S. Commercial real estate investors are scratching their heads regarding what to do with them. In this article, we examine some of the owners’ approaches and the factors involved… 

Are Americans Over Office Buildings? 

During COVID-19, remote work became the new norm for how the world does business. 

So, demand for office space plummeted despite huge companies like Google cutting back on hybrid work. 

Aside from higher vacancies in these office buildings, the owners have another problem… 


So, refinancing doesn’t make sense either because banks are unwilling to loan them comparable amounts. As a result, commercial real estate holders are getting creative…

Would YOU Live in a Former Office?

Although there is a lack of interest in renting office space, it may offer a solution to a different problem Americans face… 


In a nutshell, new homes are too expensive and there are too few cost-effective properties. For a more detailed explanation, this article by Axios takes a deeper look at the situation. 

For that reason, some owners are looking at the possibility of making these office buildings residential… 

Of course, there are risks and costs involved. But, as long as they have the criteria to cash flow as multifamily assets, it’s a valid option… 

However, what do investors do if their buildings don’t have the right stuff? 

Office Buildings are Great… As Long as They’re New

Older spaces that cannot be easily converted into residential or retail property are at a huge disadvantage… 

With the current interest rates and property values, sometimes these investors tear the building down. In that case, they sell the land to try and recoup losses. 


Nonetheless, all is not lost for office space as a whole. In contrast, there appears to be a significant interest in office buildings that are newly built….

Ones with modern furnishings and are more ecologically friendly. However, those do come with a heavier price tag. 

These are all factors to consider, as well as market trends when you see these spaces are up for sale…

Be Great,

GCTV Staff

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