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When To Talk Money With Your Partner

In relationships, whether you’ve been in one for years, or you’re just starting one, the best advice you could ever get is that communication is key. This means being able to talk money with your partner.

Having the money talk with your significant other can be overwhelming but ultimately…

It can lead to a healthy, compatible relationship. But so many people worry about when to have this conversation. 

I’m here to let you know that the answer is much clearer than you think. 

Why Should You Talk Money?

Communication is always an essential part of making any relationship work, romantic or not. 

But when it comes to finances, so many people avoid the conversation with their partners because it might be taboo.

While money isn’t the most important thing in the world, when you’re building your life with someone, you have to account for all aspects of that life… 

Including your finances. 

To determine how well your relationship is going to work, you need to figure out if your financial goals and habits align with your partner.


Having the money talk is a key factor in making sure that the life you want with your partner is a realistic one, not just an idea in your head. 

When To Talk Money

Traditionally, so many couples start talking about their finances before they’re about to move in together. 

But recently, a lot of individuals have said that the conversation should happen even sooner. 

About 32% of Gen Z and 40% of Millennials say you should talk about money with your partner before the relationship gets serious. 

It might seem strange, but I agree with them. 

I believe that the sooner you talk about this with your partner, the better. If you’re going to be building your life together with someone, you want to be sure that you are both on the same page. 

It’s especially important since you don’t want to make a giant commitment with someone…

Like moving in…

Before you know how your partner navigates this crucial part of their life. 

My Experience

I know that for me, talking about my finances with Grant contributed to our success as a couple. It helped us make it.

Before I met Grant, the guys I dated did not have their lives together. I used to never talk about money when I met someone new and that put me in a lot of situations where I was financially supporting my boyfriends. 

This created an unequal dynamic that often led to me being taken advantage of financially. 


Later, after meeting Grant, I made certain that I talked to him about my history being used as financial support. We got to talking and we were able to communicate clearly about money and our long-term goals. 

I am so thankful that we were able to be clear during our money talk. Our relationship functions perfectly thanks to our ability to communicate about the hard stuff. 

Closing The Conversation

Ultimately, you want to be ready and willing to talk about your finances with your partner to create the foundation for your future together. 

If you’re looking for the inspiration to talk clearly about your money, but also take full control of your financial goals and wellness

Join me in my 2-day Money Mastermind. We’ll go over everything from gaining confidence with money to setting yourself up to win in life. 

Money talks can be uncomfortable, but life isn’t supposed to make you comfortable. If you are not willing to work for the life you want, nothing is going to come from it…

And nobody is going to just hand it to you. 

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone

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