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Burger King Franchises

Acquisition Means MAJOR Revamp for Burger King Franchises

Starting in Q2, Restaurant Brands International will have bought Carrols Restaurant Group, the largest Burger King franchisee in America, for $1 billion. This acquisition is part of an expansive rebrand for Burger King franchises to create more traffic and business. 

What’s Cooking For Burger King Franchises?

Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Burger King, has moved to acquire the largest Burger King Franchisee

All as a part of a company-wide rebrand campaign to get more customers in stores. 

Carrol’s Restaurant Group owns over 600 Burger King restaurants across the United States. With these franchises, they’ve outperformed all corporate-owned Burger King locations


Since Wendy’s dethroned Burger King as the second-largest burger chain

Burger King corporate has been on a tirade trying to reclaim their number 2 spot. 

As a result, the new plan for the Burger King franchises includes investing over $500 million in remodeling 120 restaurants over the next 5 years

Then, they’ll sell it all back to different franchisees, while corporate holds on to a select few. 

In the past few years, franchise costs have skyrocketed due to several issues…

So let’s hope that this big investment from Burger King’s parent company can bring the burger monarchs back to their original throne. 

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